This is a great class to learn how to properly prepare and paint your action figures, or any plastic, resin or metal models. And also, a great follow-up class after the Introduction to 3D Design & Printing class, to learn to paint your own 3D printed action figures or models.


You’ll learn about safety related to all tools and materials being used in painting models

You’ll learn about different paint and application processes including hand brush and air-brushing

You’ll learn how to prepare your model for painting

And you’ll learn various painting techniques

You’ll learn how to properly seal your painted figure or model for a long-lasting finish

And you’ll be given an action figure to prepare and paint with the guidance of our instructor

And you’ll take your finished action figure project home with you

This Class is limited to 4 -5 students and  lasts about 3 hours

The total cost of this class is 70.00 € and includes raw materials to be used and your finished take-home project