Frequently Asked Questions

In case your question is not among these, we will solve all your doubts personally through the form on the contact page.

Do not worry, the workshop is made for people without knowledge or very basic knowledge.
In case you are only one person, you will have to pay a small supplement. In the case of two to three people you will not have to pay anything, we will make you a reduced workshop.
The workshop has a duration of three hours. It is possible that for some reason we may extend it a little bit, but normally we always finish on time.
You don’t need any material. In the workshop we will provide you with all the necessary material.
In the workshop we will make the figure you like the most. This way you will learn by doing something you like, improving your learning and having fun. You will also learn to paint the figure made. At the end of the workshop you will be able to take with you what you have done in the workshop.