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10″ 8K Monochrome LCD: ELEGOO Saturn 2 adopts a 10-inch 8K mono LCD screen with an HD resolution of 7680×4320 and an ultra-fine XY resolution of 28.5 microns, outputting outstandingly detailed 3D models with a cure time of only 1-3s per layer. The scratch-resistant tempered glass above the LCD screen with 9H hardness for better light transmission and protection.

43% Larger than Saturn’s Printing Volume: With a build volume of 219x123x250mm / 8.62×4.84×9.84 inch and a 10” large mono LCD screen make the prototype size larger and the curing efficiency higher, you can print one larger model or multiple smaller models in a single batch.

Fresnel Collimating Light Source: Fresnel collimating light source consists of 48 highly integrated UV LED lights that work with FCL system Fresnel lens to emit a uniform light beam of 405nm wavelength, excellent printing accuracy, and a more smooth surface finish.

Reliable Printing Performance: The Z-axis is designed with dual linear rails and non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws for ultra-steady & accurate movement and remarkable printing performance. The sandblasted surface build plate provides much stronger adherence, and PFA release liner with easier model removal and less release tension.

Odor-free Printing Environment: The air filtration system with an activated carbon filter can absorb most of the resin odor, creating an odor-free fresh printing environment. Double heat-conducting copper heat tubes with faster heat transfer and better heat dissipation efficiency prolong the service life of 3D printers

8K Vivid Details

The 10-inch 8K mono LCD screen is jointly developed by ELEGOO and INNOLUX, with a UHD resolution of 7680×4320 and a 380:1 high contrast ratio, you can print out highly-detailed prints with sharper edges and corners at micron-level accuracy, support printing layer thickness down to 0.01-0.2mm in a faster printing speed of 1-3s.

Larger Printing Space

A fairly large workspace of 219x123x250mm and 225x129mm build plate will open up new creative possibilities for larger models or batch printing requirements. An all-metal resin vat with feet prevents the PFA release liner film from touching your work surface.

Super Stable Structure

Double Z-axis linear railway is designed with a shock absorption unit at the bottom for a quieter, steadier, and more precise motion. The sandblasted surface build plate provides a much stronger adherence, especially when printing larger 3D models, while PFA release liner film with less release tension for a higher printing success rate.

A Worry-Free Printing Experience

The air purifier with built-in activated carbon air filtration system can effectively reduce resin odor for a refreshing printing environment. The heat dissipation system includes double heat-conducting copper heat tubes with faster ventilation and heat dissipation.

Excellent Accuracy And Print Quality

Fresnel collimating light source with FCLS innovative patented technology contains 48highly integrated LED lights, working with FCL system Fresnel lens, ensuring uniform UV light beam cover across the entire LCD screen with consistent accuracy.

The replaceable scratch-resistant tempered glass with 9H hardness fits perfectly and restores print details while protecting the screen.

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Elegoo 3D Printer Saturn 2