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MSLA Printer with 4K Monochrome LCD and Large Build Volume.

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Faster Printing: Saturn S 3D printer comes with an 9.1-inch 4K HD Monochrome LCD of 4098 x 2560 resolution, which shortens the printing time per layer to 2s-3s while restores the vivid details of the original models. Low energy consumption and heat emission extends the lifespan of the mono LCD by 3 times.

Larger Build: Volume With a larger printing volume of 196mm*122mm*210mm/7.71in*4.80in*8.26in, you can print bigger complex structural parts, or multiple small 3D models at a time, which greatly increases your printing efficiency.

Higher Printing Accuracy: The matrix light source of 54 UV LEDs emits optimal uniform light beam of 405nm wavelength for rapid prototyping, ensuring a sleek and delicate surface of 3D printed model and a more accurate printing size.

Super Stable Structure: The Z-axis adopts a double linear guide-way shock absorption unit, with an accuracy of 0.00125mm for more stable and accurate moving to reduce the risk of layer shifting. The build plate with sandblasted surface has a stronger adhesion, and the set screws on which have long-lasting leveling performance without frequent calibration.

Pleasant Printing Experience: The replaceable activated carbon filter on the USB port can effectively absorb and filter the resin odor and pungent fumes, bringing you a refreshing printing experience.

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Elegoo Saturn S 3D RESIN PRINTER